Our phylosophy of production relies on a complete mastery of the ingredients used.

Furthermore, we insist on producing our own alcohol bases in which we steep our hops, juniper berries and botanics.

We chose Barley from Navarre and Alava to produce our base alcohol to benefit from the delicate mouthfeel  it offers to our gins.

Gin Otso alambic

The idea ? Strictly limit the number of components to allow the few ingredients selected to shine in all their complexity.


Only Juniper and Amarillo hop are the stars. Left to steep separately for seven day, they are then distilled separately, blended and allowed to rest to let the magic works.

Gin Otso Less is More




The name for this gin was obvious. A hop with woody notes, the juniper accentuating the hop. Everything working to evoque the black skin of juniper berries.

Everything ? Not quite !

We decided to twist the balance achieved by using

- Basil : for its freshness

- Orange peel : to bring zesty notes

Pink Pepper: to support the finish.

Gin Otso Black Pacific



To obtain Black Oak, we based our  Black Pacific. We macerate our gin with four different types of toasted french oaks in small demijohn in order to balance sweetness and roasting.

Light toasted french oak offering sweetness while strong toasted oak supporting the juniper backbone.

Gin Otso Black Oak